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> sales & advertising of high quality brands
> reviews & articles for the trade trends
> marketing concepts
> evaluating market opportunities & selecting markets for your products/and services
> conducting competitor analysis
> assessing distribution channels
> assisting for product positioning & business advisory on development of appropriate product portfolio
> trade representation, performance on trade fora, presentations
> facilitating your business presence with stylish corporate presentations, banners, reporting templates
> training your sales teams for effective results.

training "Sales techniques"
training “Excellence in Export - go-to-best markets approach"
tailor made trainings for professional performance of sales teams “How to reach desired clients"

professional presentations for your business meetings & presence on trade exhibitions and events
identifying Premium domain names – shaping your international image
power point templates, ready-to-use management documents (for planning & reporting)
your business can grow internationally
we can organize your trade representation
we are evaluating market opportunities based on trade trends analysis, customers attitudes and demand

  Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence (BI) Suite is a highly professional approach for achieving business excellence in running a successful business.
Key highlights of BI Suite and Analytics:
> you will be aware of trends & able to identify new opportunities
> facilitate smarter business decision-making
> present business data in impactful, interactive, stylish dashboards, ad-hoc views, sophisticated reports
> keep you on the top of the business wave in today's high-speed world
> using the most intelligent approach for managing and presenting data.

BI Suite is designed to deliver success.

Future of statistical analysis & data science

Statistical software – statistics, visualizations, analytics

Interactive Rporting & Data Analysis

New Quality of Reporting

Contour Reporter is universal software for data access, interactive reporting, and data analysis. It allows managers and specialists quickly get business intelligence reports to improve corporate management - sales reports, customers, stocks, marketing, budget, accounting, and other statistical reports.

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